The portal of light which leads to Summerland

" I never grow tired of Summerland. It's a manifestation of beauty and promise in it's most purest form." ~Damen describes his love of Summerland to Ever.


Ever arrives in Summerland after stepping through a veil of light

Summerland is an in between world, a limbo of sorts.

Anything that a person can wish for can be created here by thought and nothing can cause harm.

Inbetweeen dimesion

Another picture that represents Summerland

Over a hill there is a bridge, leading off into the distantance, it is were souls who cross over to "THE other side" - the afterlife.

Ever saw this bridge during the accident but didn't cross the bridge, like her family, instead comes back to Earth. Riley didn't cross the bridge either, but Ever got Riley to cross the bridge months after that. Riley also met Romy and Rayne in Summerland a few days after she died and they helped her cross the bridge.

It is a place filled with pulsating flowers shimmering lakes and rivers, and trees.

Time is also very hard to keep track of in Summerland it hardly ever becomes night exisiting in a perptural state of day.

Because of this many souls who end up in Summerland get so entranced by the beauty of it and it's possiblities they hardly ever cross over.

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