The Shadowland is the polar oppisite of Summerland, it is where a Immortal's soul who is killed goes.
The Shadowland

Deception of the Shadow land

In this place of perpetual night a soul will enter in a state of constant falling where they will be forced to relieve the most unpleasant memories of the entire life.

The souls are also unable to stop falling and are unable to shut out the memories of their life.

Damen shows Ever the Shadowland in the novel Shadowland she is incredbily shaken by the experince.

Ever also goes to the Shadowland a second time.

In Nightstar Haven strikes Ever's most weakeast charkra, because of this she is cast into the Shadowland, Once there she is able to relieve her most recent life with Damen, it is here that she finally realizes that they are truly meant to be togehther. Once she pronouces her undying love for him Ever is brought back to the earth plane.

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