Romy and Rayne are two identical twins Ever Bloom meets when she visits Summerland in Blue Moon (book 2). Romy and Rayne lived on the Earth Plane in the time of the Salem Witch Trials. The twin's aunt was accused of being a witch. When people were on their way to take her to trial, Romy and Rayne's aunt opened the portal to Summerland and told the twins to go through it. As their aunt was stepping through the portal, the people broke into their house and caught their aunt before she could go through the portal. Their aunt was killed during the Salem Witch Trials. Romy and Rayne are both witches who resided in Summerland and helped Riley Bloom during her time there. At the end of Blue Moon, Romy and Rayne go back to the Earth Plane and help Damen Auguste. Once they tried going to back to Summerland, they found out they were too weak to do so. Romy and Rayne also share a black kitten named Luna.


Romy and Rayne are identical twins who start off dressing like school girls. Romy and Rayne are described to have dark black hair that is to their shoulders, and bangs that look like they've been cut with a razor. They have dark brown eyes and have pale skin. In the more recent books in The Immortals, the twins start dressing differently. Rayne dresses in dark clothes that probably come from Hot Topic. Romy, on the other hand, dresses in pink, and clothes that probably come from J Crew.


Blue Moon

The twins meet Ever in Summerland and lead her to the Great Halls of Learning. They also show up at the end of the book and are seen trying to help Damen.



Romy is the nicer twin. She is girlier than Rayne and is known to like the color pink. Romy likes Ever and Riley and is very kind towards them.


Rayne is Romy's opposite. She is the tomboy of the two. Rayne like black and other dark colors. Rayne is rude towards Ever and Riley, but does not hate them.

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