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Biological Info
Age: Around 600 (17 physically)
Turned: More than 500 years ago
Created by: Damen Auguste
Physical Traits
Species: Immortal
Gender: Male
Hair color: Golden brown
Eye color: Blue
Love interest(s): Drina Auguste (crush) a person with ginger hair beginning with 'K or T depending on who you ask'

Roman is an Immortal out to get Damen. He acts as the antagonist from Blue Moon until his tragic end in Dark Flame. He also was in love with Drina, Damen's ex-wife. He always was there since Damen created him. He took care of all the newborn immortals after Damen left and soon seeked out for Drina and whenever Damen left her, he always came in to comfort her. Always loving someone he could never have, as stated by him in Dark Flame, "You always want what you can't have". The only reason he ever wanted Ever was because Damen had her, he wanted to corrupt Damen and Ever's relationship because Ever killed Drina and he did not want them to be happy when they destroyed his one and only love. So he wanted Ever knowing it would destroy Damen. Over all, we can say that Roman is a dick. More mystery and complete sexiness is revealed in the books of the Immortal Series by Alyson Noel.

Roman has golden tousled hair, ocean blue eyes, and finely sculpted abs. He is the aboslute personification of that handsome Californian guy. 

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