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Morgan Lily as Riley Bloom!

In the Immortals Series, Riley Bloom is Ever's younger sister. Ever thinks she's annoying, but Riley just wants to be like her because she (Riley) dreams of being a teenager. Ever loves her, of course, and is saddened when she's dead. But Ever can see her! This is because Riley hadn't crossed the bridge yet.

Ever gets Riley to the cross the bridge, though, because she feels that it's her fault, and she is holding her back.

Riley thinks Ever's annoying. They think they are annoying one another on purpose. Riley learns that a part inside her idolizes Ever, in Radiance, a Riley Bloom book.

Jude can see Riley. Ever meets Jude in Shadowland.

Riley's story continues in the Riley Bloom Series. It is revealed in the first book, Radiance, that Riley, her mom, her dog, and her dad died in a car accident. Riley and Ever were fighting in the back seat when a deer appeared out of nowhere, causing the car accident. After crossing over to Here & Now, the place where ghost that pass on go to, Riley is assigned the job of being a Soul Catcher. Her guide is a spirit named Bodhi. Bodhi explains that a Soul Catcher coaxes and convinces ghosts who are lingering in the Earth Plane to go to Here & Now.

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