Haven Turner
Biological Info
Age: 16 in Evermore
Turned: After drinking Belladonna tea at Roman's house
Created by: Ever Bloom
Physical Traits
Species: Immortal
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Love interest(s): Roman

Austin (Brother)

Pet(s): Charm (deceased)

Haven Turner is Ever's best friend.

Ever understands what she is going through. She always has a different theme every few months. This is so her family will pay attention to her.


Haven has long dark-brown hair with bangs,pale skin and brown eyes.

In Evermore, Ever says that 'her eyes appear golden, but that's only because she's wearing yellow contacts.' It doesn't say if she has a prescription, but her 'Gothic theme' allows her to wear them.

Her different phases include her ballet theme ( before the series started ), her Gothic theme, her 'Drina theme'(this theme is what Ever calls Drina's 'mini me,' Haven says that she's her friend, and she understands her. This is only a plot so Ever will feel alone, so Drina can kill her), and her powerful theme/ immortals theme, when she rules the school.

Early LifeEdit

Haven and Miles have been friends because they feel left out. Ever joins their group because her other friends at her old school, aren't really her friends. Ever notices this when she sees their aura and hears their thoughts. Ever finds out, being popular doesn't matter. Haven feels that sometimes Ever doesn't get her, and she's doing everything wrong on purposeful reasons. This is the exact opposite. Ever only wants to help her.

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