The red Elixir that Immortals must drink in order to sustain their immortality.

The Elixir or Immortal Juice was first made my Damen's father.
Everlasting 6

Damen handing Ever a vile of Elixir.

He passed the recipe onto his son before he was murdered.

Damen perfected it and soon drank it in order to be with his wife Drina.

Drinking the elixir will make a person's body immortal. He or she will be graced with enhanced, speed, beauty, and the ability to never become ill.

If one doesn't drink the elixir every day they will soon die.

Also if a person drinks a elixir that isn't made properly or made with evil intent they can become completely addicted to it.

This happened to the Immortal Haven, who drank Roman's immortal juice and quickly became dependent on it.

Damen, Ever, and Roman, are the only Immortals to process a full stock pile of the immortal juice seeing as it is ever difficult to make.

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