Damen Auguste Notte
Biological Info
Age: 600
Turned: Over 500 years ago
Created by: His parents
Aliases: Hot Sexy New Guy-By fellow classmates
Physical Traits
Species: Immortal (formerly)

Human (currently)

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown
Love interest(s): *Drina Auguste (former)

Damen, seriously, you must know I don't love you because you're immortal, I love because you're you.
~ Ever Bloom to Damen Auguste, from Everlasting

Damen Auguste is the romantic interest of Ever Bloom. He is a young man who has been alive since the Italian Renaissance, well over six hundred years. Damen is an Immortal, the first one to exist in history. His father made the elixir to everlasting life and told him the formula.

After he and his wife Drina separated, Damen became infatuated with Ever when he first met her incarnation - a sixteen year old orphaned servant named Evaline living in Paris - centuries before the first novel takes place. Life after life, Ever's reincarnations were killed in "accidents!"

He always began to lose hope before Ever appeared in his life again. Damen has access to Summerland, a place where dead souls that did not cross over stay.

Physical descriptionEdit

Damen has olive toned skin, glossy black and curly hair and deep brown eyes. It is said by Miles that he has perfect model looks. Damen's got perfect cheekbones.

In fact in his  'younger' years, Damen did indeed model.


Damen grew up in Florence Italy under the name Damen Augustus Notte. His father was an alchemist attempting to create an elixir for Immortality. However, before it was perfected, a group of thugs killed Damen's parents in an attempt to steal it. Before the thugs arrived Damen's, mother hid him in a cupboard in attempt to spare his life. Unfortunately, Damen was a witness to his parents' brutal murders. Adding further turmoil was the fact that his parents' were killed on his tenth birthday. Because of this Damen never acknowledged his birthday again.

After their deaths, Damen was able to use the knowledge he gained from helping his father to perfect the Elixir. He attempted to bring his parents back to life but failed.

Shortly after this failure, Damen was sent to an orphanage to "purge the demonic influences within him".

In the orphanage, Damen was abused physically and emotionally for years. While living there, he met fellow orphan Drina and fell in love with her.

However, Drina quickly fell victim to the Black Death as it began to spread throughout Europe.

In order to save her, Damen recreated enough of the Elixir for Drina, himself, and the other orphans, creating the first group of Immortals. Drina and Damen remained together for a century, but became power-hungry and greedy due to their immortality. Finally tired of Drina's attitude and hedonistic lifestyle, Damen left Drina.

In Everlasting, Damen has, in fact, had a past life. His name was Alirik.


An Immortal stuck forever at the age of seventeen, Damen is an extremely cultured young man.

Growing up in Florence Italy, he was exposed to the Renaissance that was going on, so naturally, he can speak fluent Italian. Because his parent's were killed on his tenth birthday, Damen never celebrated another birthday again.

He met many artist's in his lifetime and would often model for them.

Because of his travels thorough out the centuries, he can also speak many languages.

Damen has picked up many talents in his long life.

Watching some of the best artist's paint and work, Damen is a near virtuoso when it comes to painting and various forms of art. He is an accomplished cook and very good in sports. He can also play the guitar, violin and piano well.

As well as these many talents, Damen has over the years acquired a great deal of money. How he came by this mass fortune is uncertain though he rarely uses it preferring instead to manifest what he needs. However one of his hobbies is "playing the ponies" as Ever calls it. This is how he aquires MOST of his money. Though when he does use his money he spends it lavishly, on designer clothes and expensive cars.

When Ever first meets him he is an emancipated minor, which is a ruse to keep authories from digging into his vast history.

Damen retains some of the outdated speech from the 14th century Ever likens him to HeathCliff, being straight out of an Bronte novel. When she sneaks into his house one day she discovers that Damen knew Emily Bronte as she finds a first edition book signed to Damen by the esteemed author.

Damen is a very polite and respectful person especially towards Ever and her aunt.

Unlike Ever, Damen doesn't reincarnate, he can also unlike Ever remember all of her past lives.

This is something that frustrates her as Ever would like to know more about their history together.

Losing his parents at age ten caused Damen to grow up quickly.

His cruel treatment at the orphanage made him strong and resilient.

When he met Drina and fell in love with her Damen found purpose. After he perfected the Elixir the two soon married. However Damen's love for Drina lessened during their century long marriage and the two separated.

He was unaware that Drina instead of leaving him had obsessively followed him through out the years.

When Damen found Ever Bloom he was overjoyed and saved her making her an Immortal like him.

The two soon fell in love.

However when she found out that Damen was an Immortal and made her one as well Ever was furious and quickly broke up with him.

Damen gave her her space, though he still retained his deep unwavering love for her.

Ever soon realized her feelings for Damen and after she killed Drina she told Damen she loved him and sealed her Immortal fate.

This made Damen extremely happy. He vowed to teach Ever everything he knows about being an Immortal.


Damen was formerly married to Drina, now he’s dating Ever.



Ever and Damen are never far from each others thoughts they enjoy to communicate telepathically

Four hundred years after Damen separates from his wife, he saves Ever Bloom, his centuries-old reincarnated lover. He, at first, feels guilty for saving Ever, thinking that it was a selfish act to keep her with him instead of letting her pass on naturally. In time, he and Ever fall deeply in love and his guilt subsides. However, when Ever learns that Damen is an Immortal and made her one, as well, she becomes angry, afraid, and breaks up with Damen. He gives her her space, despite the separation and still retains his deep, unwavering love for her. When Ever defeats his ex-wife Drina, she finally realizes her feelings for Damen. She tells him she loves him and seals her Immortal Fate.Damen is incredibly protective of Ever and would do anything to keep her safe and only wants her to be happy. Both consider each other their soul mate. He loves to communicate with Ever telepathically; they communicate like this so often that Miles and Haven are bothered by it - even through they don't know what causes the couple's strange intimate behavior. He is constantly attentive to Ever's physical and emotional needs, hardly ever being apart from her unless necessary. Damen wants to properly consummate their relationship, as he has been waiting for four hundred years, but respects that Ever is unsure and constantly tells her that he is willing to wait for her to make up her mind.


Ever and Damen first meet late into her junior year of high school. She is immediately attracted to him and feels a strong sense of recognition whenever he is near her, also she discovers that Damen has no aura, and that she can't read his thoughts. Ever also realizes that when she and Damen touch or when he speaks to her he instantly quiets all of the psychic energy, that she tries so hard to block out, her feelings for him grow. Damen soon starts to woo Ever, he takes her out to various dates; on their first, the two skip school and he takes her to Disneyland. For their second date, the two skip school again and to go to lunch at a race track.


A bracelet that is similar to the one Damen gives to Ever.

After she wins a eight thousand dollar bet, Damen buys her a crystal horse-shoe bit bracelet to commemorate their date. She is delighted by the gift but makes sure that the crystals in the bracelet are fake as she doesn't want him to spend so much money on her. When the second date is over, Ever realizes that her feelings for Damen are deepening, however she is still reluctant to fully open up to him.

On their third date he takes Ever out to the beach, it is here that Damen shows her a cave where he keeps many of his things, such as a surf board, wet suits, and towels. Ever starts to feel incredibly comfortable with Damen to the point where she almost sleeps with him, however she stops herself, not wanting to lose her virginity in such a rushed way. By the end of the night, she admits to herself that she has fallen in love with Damen. When she wakes up the next morning she, Ever scours the beach but doesn't find Damen. Deeply saddened, Ever goes home. She is not at her house long before Damen arrives at her front door soaking wet, claiming to have been surfing like his note said. Ever is suspicious and confronts him about leaving her alone in the cave and Damen apologizes for leaving her. Ever believes he abandoned her because she wouldn't sleep with him. She is still unsure about how true Damen's feelings are for her; however, Ever forgives him but remains extremely suspicious.

A few days later Ever goes to Damen's house, more suspicious than ever now. She goes to his special room and sees Haven, near death with Damen supposedly drinking her blood. Ever, furious and desperate to save her friend, rushes to Haven; however Damen holds her back. Before she can get to Haven and as she won't stop fighting him, Damen knocks her unconscious. She wakes up the next day and incredibly has little memory of the weekend. Damen convinces her he gave her a surfing lesson; however, Ever soon remembers Damen drinking Haven's blood and confronts him. It is then that Damen reveals the truth to her: he is an Immortal and that he wasn't killing Haven, but saving her. He goes on the explain that the tattoo that she had gotten had become extremely infected and he was sucking out the blood from the infected area. Ever is in complete shock from this revelation and quickly starts to flee.

Damen makes everyone in the school pass out so he can talk to Ever but more frightened than ever, she continues to run. Ever goes to the parking lot and desperately asks Damen to leave her alone. She bitterly starts to yell at him, saying that he should have let her die and blames Damen because he brought her back to life; he is the reason she is burdened with psychic powers she never wanted. Damen tries to explain, but his words fall on deaf ears. Ever angrily tells him that she hates him and that she never wants to see him again. He sadly asks her to reconsider, pleading with Ever not to say such things unless she truly means them. She once again yells at Damen to leave her alone and hatefully flings off the bracelet he bought her and throws it on the ground. Deeply upset, but obeying her request, Damen disappears, leaving a red tulip in his place.

Ever soon turns to vodka to block out not only her psychic power, but her pain over breaking up with Damen. Free of her psychic baggage, Ever becomes much like the person she was in Oregon. Her friends, however, becomes worried about her - especially Miles. Ever, not willing to yet part with her new addiction, ignores Miles' concerns. Ever's drinking problem soon becomes very serious; she takes a water bottle full of vodka to school. The most popular and ruthless girl in school, Stacia Miller, catches her. She takes a picture of her drinking and sends it to the principal; because of this, Ever is suspended. Sabine becomes increasingly strict and worried. Knowing that alcohol isn't an answer to quiet her abilities, Ever travels to Ava's house. Ava graciously helps Ever create a psychic shield, which works instantly. She is thrilled to be normal again.

During the Winter Solstice, Ever tags along with Miles and Haven to a canyon for a party. Ever becomes separated form them. Drina then appears and introduces herself as Damen's wife. She goes on to say that she has been killing Ever off in her many reincarnations, just so she can be with Damen. Ever is dumbfounded by this new information. Drina wastes no time and quickly attacks Ever. Defenseless, she is quickly overpowered.

Shimmering light

Ever steps through a shimmering light in order to escape Drina.

Just as Drina is going to kill her, Ever sees a veil of shimering light. Out of options, she steps into it. Ever lands in a beautiful field of pulsating, trees and flowers. She quickly sees Damen. Thinking she is dead, Ever starts to panic. However, he reassures her and says she isn't dead - she is in Summerland: a dimension where souls who do not cross over. He says that he sensed her distress and created the veil of light back in the canyon. Damen explains once again that he is Immortal and made her one, as well.
Inbetweeen dimesion

Ever arrives in Summerland after stepping through a veil of light

He goes on to say that thoughts are energy in Summerland, and that all person have to do is think of something and it will appear. Ever soon manifests and is in awe of the simplicity of it. She forgives Damen, however, she still isn't sure about getting back together with him. Damen understands and reiterates that he is willing to wait and goes on to explain his relationship with Drina. After Ever listens to the whole story, she is overwhelmed and uncertain. Damen calms her, taking her into his arms and retaliates that he is willing to wait for her to make up her mind.

"I have to go, But Ever, if you want to love me, if you truly want to be with me, then you'll have to accept what we are. I'll understand if you can't.”

~Damen explaining to Ever

Damen gives her back her bracelet, kisses her on her forehead, and promptly disappears. The next thing she knows, Ever is alone in her room. On Valentine's Day, Ever finally accepts the fact that Riley doesn't belong on the earth any longer and asks her to move on, tearfully but happily. Riley moves on and promises to look after Ever, saying that she will send her a sign. Before Ever can ask what type of sign, Riley crosses over. Devastated, she breaks down in her living room, once again mourning her sister. Once she calms down, Ever realizes that she has always been in love with Damen - she just couldn't admit it to herself.

She closes her eyes and telepathically professes her love for him, hoping that he will come to her. However, when she opens her eyes, Damen isn't there and Ever fears that she was too late. Defeated, Ever goes to her kitchen. Drina suddenly appears, explaining that she is going to kill her so that she can have Damen all to herself, as well as the fact that it was her who caused the car accident that killed her family. After this new revelation, Ever - terrified - thinks about grabbing a knife. Unfortunately, Drina reads her mind and evades her feeble attempts of fighting back. She attacks Ever by throwing her to the ground, psychically tortures her by creating the illusion that her head is in a vice. Weak and bleeding, Ever thinks about giving up, then passes out momentarily. However, Ever soon comes to and the knowledge that Drina had gave her gives her strong resolve.

"This bitch killed my family and now she's gonna pay"

~Ever's thoughts

With blind determination, Ever throws a weak punch which lands square in Drina's chest. In a instant, Damen appears by Ever's side, and says to Drina that it is over. Drina, defiant to the end, begs Damen to help her, but he doesn't; he takes Ever's hand and tells Drina that it is time for her to go. Drina yells in despair and crumbles into a pile of dust, her clothes and shoes on the floor - the only evidence that she ever existed. Ever is dumbfounded, Damen tenderly kisses her and reassures her that Drina is gone and, forever, out of their lives. She questions how her weak punch could have killed Drina. Damen explains that she hit Drina in her most vulnerable charaka; her heart. It is the epitome of unconditional love, compassion, and higher self, and Drina - after years of selfish and vindictive living - had no love left. Damen is equally astonished that it worked, knowing that it was a theory, but had no idea that it could be a way to kill a Immortal.

He goes on to say that he knows about Riley and again comforts Ever saying that it was the right thing to do. Ever says that she missed him, still unwilling to say her true feelings out loud. He starts to pull away, but she begs him to never leave her again. Damen promises he won't, and says that her feelings are best felt when they are spoken aloud. She is still hesitant. Damen goes on to say that if she does become a Immortal, she can never be with her family again and that is much more difficult to cross over once you seal your fate. Ever is finally certain that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Damen, and tells him that she loves him and seals her Immortal Fate. Damen is thrilled and tells Ever he will teach her everything he knows.

Blue MoonEdit

It has been three weeks since Drina's death, Ever is now a newly turned Immortal and is very excited to learn everything she can about her growing powers, with Damen giving her unfailing support.

She and Damen are extremely happy and content together, they are deeply relieved that Drina is out of their lives.However Ever is suffering extreme anxiety about weather or not she can sleep with Damen giving his many conquests throughout the ages.

Damen is understanding about this but says that she must accept the fact that he cannot change his past. Ever is still unsure however Damen reiterates that he is willing to wait for her to make up her mind.

The next day the couple are soon introduced to Roman who arrives at Bayview High School as a seemingly handsome new student from London England.

Everyone in the school and Ever's circle welcomes him with open arms.

Ever it seems is the only one uncomfortable around him she doesn't know why she just knows that she gets a very bad feeling whenever she is around him.

She puts her unpleasantness in Roman aside in order to focus more on her relationship with Damen.

During their English class Damen suggests that on Friday that they go somewhere special.

Ever quickly says she wants to visit Summerland, Damen however stops her and says that he wasn't talking about Summerland but he does promise her that they will return their soon.

He goes on to explain that they rent a hotel suite, she quickly protests saying that Friday is the day of Miles's debut in Hairspray. Damen then says that they can go after the play, Ever is still unsure and tells him she will think about it.

After school on the same day she and Damen are in her room.

Ever curiously asks him more about their past lives together since he has clear memories of them and she doesn't. Damen complies with her request half-heartedly, telling Ever that he doesn't like to look back to the past and instead enjoys to focus on this life.

In the middle of him telling Ever about the day that they first met she sees that Damen looks at her for just an instant without a single hint of recognition and goes onto say that his head is bothering him.

This alarms Ever greatly seeing as an Immoral Damen shouldn't get sick.

Damen assures her he is fine he drinks more of the elixir and again tells a worried Ever that he is all right.

Changing the subject Damen brings up the idea of them traveling to Summerland.

Ever is still concerned for Damen saying that they should wait until he is feeling better, through Damen insists.

Easily swayed by going to the mystical dimension Ever finally agrees to their trip to Summerland, despite her concerns for Damen.

Damen tries to create the portal to take them there but he can't.

This once again worries both Damen and Ever seeing as Damen couldn't never remember not making the portal.

Ever suggests that both of them try.

Damen is hesitant but Ever is persistent.

Eventually he acquiesces and tells Ever to get on the floor and sit in the lotus position in order to regulate her chi. Ever does.

After a few minutes Damen tells her to picture a veil of shimmering golden light, they both do.

Unfortunately nothing happens.

Both are dismayed and Ever questions why it didn't work.

She then suggests that they both try and do it again together.

Damen goes on to explain that they both were doing it together, he soon dismisses the idea of them trying to create the portal again.

Ever is disappointed but understanding, she quickly changes tact by telling him to book a room for them at a hotel of his choosing implying that she is finally ready to sleep with him.

Damen is delighted and happily says that he will take care of it.

As Friday looms Ever gets herself prepared.

She goes to the mall during the week and picks out just the right dress to wear during the musical and a pair of lingerie for after.

Finally Friday comes around and Ever is very excited.

Damen picks her up at her house saying that he booked a suite for them at the Montage Hotel.

They both are equally delighted about finally be able to sleep togehter after waiting countless centuries.

The two then go to the musical.

As they are getting seated Ever notices that Haven is sitting next to Roman flirting with him. She finds it odd considering Haven is in a relationship however she soon stops when her boyfriend comes back form the concession stand.

Ever quickly puts her annoyance with Haven and Roman aside and focuses on watching the musical and on finally spending the night with Damen.

After the musical Ever and Damen go back stage to congratulate Miles.

When Damen tries to manifest a bouquet for Miles he can't.

This once again alarms both of them and Ever again sees for just a second that Damen doesn't recognize her. Ever downplays this by manifesting a bouquet herself and she and Damen go backstage and happily congratulate Miles on his performance.

As they begin to leave Damen says that he is going to bring his car around and will be waiting for her outside. The two part both excited.

After she is done praising Miles Ever goes to the parking lot to meet Damen.

She is astounded however when Roman catches up to her saying that Damen found his car and left.

Ever is devatstated that Damen abandoned her on a night that was supposed to be so special to the two of them. She can't understand why he left without saying anything to her. Roman promptly offers her a ride home but Ever cooly declines.

Confused but thinking quickly she manifests a car and goes to the Montage hoping that Damen went on ahead there.

When Ever gets to the hotel and asks the desk clerk about Damen's reservation the clerk informs her that she cannot give out the information to her because she didn't make the reservation.

Annoyed she leaves The Montage.

Ever then travels to a cave on a nearby beach were she and Damen almost made love.

She doesn't find him there.

Knowing she has no choice now Ever calls Sabine and tells her that Damen canceled on her and she won't be able to make dinner.

She then tries to call Damen to have him explain but he doesn't answer her call.

Distraught Ever goes to Damen's house, heartbroken she goes to his speical room curls up on his velvet sofa and cries herself to sleep.

When Monday comes Ever is determined to talk to Damen, when she gets to school she attemps to speak with Damen about what happened on Friday.

However she is floored to realize that when she tries to talk with him he completley ignores her.

Ever tries to speak with Damen again during their english class.

She is shocked to discover however that she has access to Damen's thoughts.

Running out of options Ever probes Damen's mind and her worst fears are realized; Damen has no memory of their relationship and thinks that Ever is a freak and loser.

Roman soon tells her that using his Immortal hyptionism he has driven all of the students, including Damen, Haven and Miles to believe that Ever is a freak, isolating her from everyone and everything. However none of the students realize what is going on, drawn to Roman allowing him to control them.

For the next month Ever has to endure the pain of once again being ostracized by her classmates.

Without Damen for a shield she is forced to rely again on her iPod to drown out the constant thoughts of people around her.

The portal of light which leads to Summerland

Ever is determined to save Damen not knowing who to trust but having on choice she contacts psychic Ava.

Inbetweeen dimesion

Ever arrives in Summerland after she and Ava create the portal

With her help they are able to create the portal and travel to Summerland.

Once in Summerland, Ever meets twin girls Romy and Rayne,

She thinks the twins are weird in the way they act; one positive, one negative.

Romy and Rayne are strange and Ever doesn’t trust them, but toward the end of the book Rayne reveals that she and her sister know Riley, and Riley asked Romy and Rayne to look after Ever; and Rayne says they know Damen, and that he helped them once.

The twins lead her to the Great Halls of Learning, where her answer lies.

They tell her Ever she must locate the Akashic Records explaining that they are a perment record of everything that has ever been said or thought or done or will ever be said, thought or done.

Thorugh they caution Ever by saying that she will locate the Akashic Records only if she is meant too. If she isn't then she won't.

Ever goes into the Halls and thankfully is able to find the Akashic Records.

The Records contian large crystal light screens which provide information she then asks the Records to tell her everything about Damen's past and the crystal screen that she is sitting in front of soon projects his memories onto it.

Ever quickly starts to see all of Damen's memories but is unable to watch Damen's early years of his and Drina's marriage and asks the Records that it just skip over it.

The Records rejects Ever and her screen is promptly wiped. Frustrated by the set back she travels back to the earth plane.

Ever soon returns to Summerland and the Akashic Records now able to handle seeing Damen's life with Drina. WIth her new perspective The Records allows her acess to Damen's early childhood memories.

They then show her how Damen's parents died and the horrible abuse he suffered at the hands of the church.

Ever also finds out Roman's connection to him.

She discovers that Roman was one of the many orphans that Damen and Drina changed into Immortals during the sweep of the Black Death.

She furher discovers that Roman harbored a deep love for Damen's wife, Drina, however she never loved him back this caused Roman to become filled with jelaously and revenge thinking that if he just got Damen out of the way then he and Drina could be together, so he spent the next six hundred years plotting his revenge on Damen.

Roman confesses to Ever that he is the reason why Damen is acting strange.

Ever knows that there’s only one way to kill an immortal aim for their weakest chakra.

However according to Roman he knows another way to kill an immortal his way is to poison the elixir.

Ever knowing that when a person has been drinking the elixir for a while, they become dependent on it Roman’s poising the of elixir is reversing Damen's immortality and Ever knows that if she doesn't stop it she will loose him forever.

While in Summerland, Ever accidently uncovers access to a text revealing the workings of time.

The text shows a spell and indicates a approaching Blue Moon as her only window for time travel.
Blue moon

Ever must wait for the Blue Moon to appear otherwise without it's energy she won't be able to time travel

Ever is forced to decide between staying in the present and saving Damen; or going back to the past and saving her family from that accident the claimed them.

She chooses to save her family

While sitting on the steps outside of the Great Hall of Learning Ever with Ava's help create a powerful new shield for her.

"So now, whenever I want to hear someone's thoughts I just surf over to their enegry field and hit "select. "

And when I don't want to be bothered I hit "mute."

It's just like the remote I have at home. Only this one is invisible so I can pretty much take it where ever I go."~Ever explains how the quantum remote works.

Because of the remote she is able to stop relying on her iPod to drown out unwanted psychic enegry.

With Ava’s help Ever uses herbs and makes new, poison-free elixir for Damen, even though she doesn’t believe it’ll be necessary.

As she is making the elixir, Ever begins to work on a theory: Once she goes back to her old life in Oregon, everything else will go back, so it’ll be like her life in California never even occurre and is counting on Ava to pick up the pieces, and help Damen.

Before Ever leaves she resloves on breaking Roman's hold over the school, she tries mulitple things to break his hold but nothing works.

Finally Ever tries a techinque she saw on a documentary about hyptontism.

"And I know it's my last chance, that if this doesn't work---- well--- I don't know what I will do.

So I close my eyes and yell:


Then I count form three to one and clap my hands twice at the end.

And then--

And then -- nothing.

The whole school goes silent as they slowly come to.

They rub their eyes, blinking, yawning, and stretching, as thorugh awakening form a very long nap. Gazing in confusion, wondering why they're on top of the table with the very same people they once deemed as freaks.

I can't help but smile, knowing the big happy family is back to their normal rountine, of name-calling, eye-rolling, and snubbing each other in favor of their usual cliques, returned to a world where animosity, and loathing still rule.

My school is back to normal again." ~ Ever finally breaks Roman's hypontic hold over the school and is extremely relieved to see that it has worked.

Quickly as she can Ever sadly says her good-byes to Miles and Haven.

She then takes Damen to Ava's house. She gets Damen to drink the posion-free exlir she made for him.

Ever then leaves Damen with Ava trusting her to look after him and contiune to feed him the exlir they made toegether.

Unrelenting Ever travels to Summerland and the Great Halls Of Learning.

Romy and Rayne are outside waiting for her and give her a cyrptic warning, but determined to go back to the past Ever ingnores them. She then rushes into the Halls.

"I'm ready I'm really and truly ready. So please, let me go back. Back to Eugene, Oregon. Back to my mom and dad, and Riley, and Buttercup. Please, just let me return....and set everything straight again..." ~ Ever requesting permisson form the Great Halls of Learning to travel back in time.

The Halls immediately transfrom into a short hallway it leads her to an exact repilica of her old classroom back in Oregon.
Crystal light globe

The crystal light globe Ever presses to take her back in time

As Ever slides into the desk a large crystal globe leviates before her, flickering. It shows a scene form her past

"I know this is my only opportunity I'll ever get to return. So I take a deep breath, press my finger to the screen--- and gasp as everything around me goes black." ~ Ever describes going back in time.

It takes less than an instant for Ever to time travel.

She goes to back to Eugene, and soon relives everything all over again: She babysits Riley while her parents go out as she had before the accident; and the next day she goes camping with her family.

While cleaning up their campsite, she can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing, or that there’s something she’s supposed to be doing, but she doesn’t know what that something is.

Riley approaches and tells Ever to hurry up, then she asks if Ever has her sky-blue Pinecone Lake cheerleading camp sweatshirt, which she had forgotten the first time around.

However, in her dad’s SUV on the way home, Riley somehow freezes time and says Ever can’t go back, that she can’t change the past.

Riley says it was destiny that she, Buttercup, and their parents were meant to die; Ever was meant to live.

Finally realizing that her place was always with Damen in Califorina Ever goes back to the present and finds Damen.

When she get's to Damen's she finds Rayne in the basment and sees that she has made a circle to protect Damen and keep Ever out. Rayne then reveals to her that after Ever left, Ava took the elixir that they had made togther and fled town, leaving Damen to die. Ever is shocked by this new information.

Roman is there and says that he has made a anitdote to save Damen. However he says that Ever needs to cut herself so they can add her blood to the antidote explaining that it is the only way the antidote will work.

Rayne yells at Ever, saying Roman is a liar, his intentions aren’t good, and that it’s a trick.

Ever turns her back on Rayne, listens to Roman, and adds her blood to the antidote.

After she feeds Damen the antidote he starts to come back to life much to Ever's great relief.

Roman happily reveals that when she added her own blood to the mix she created a powerful curse, if Damen and Ever touch he will die and his soul will be cast into the Shadowland for all eternity.

Ever is devastated by the turn of events and is horrified to tell Damen the truth.

Thorugh she is extremely happy that Damen is alive and that they are together again.


Ever is extremely grateful that Damen is well  and that they are once again together. She finally confesses everything to him that happened while he was under Roman's spell. Damen thinks that this is all about his bad karma and that there is no hope for him.

This makes Ever furious, however Damen is adamant that there is nothing they can do.

She refueses to accept defeat and makes Damen promise her that they will find a cure.

"No buts."

"There's got to be a way,some kind of cure. And together we'll find it I know we will. We've come too far to let Roman keep us apart. But I can't do it alone. Not without your help. So please promise me----promise you'll try."~Ever pleading with Damen not to give up on finding a cure.

However the couple quickly realize they have nothing to go on and are both devastated that they will never be able to truly touch each other again.


The veil of pulsating energy that Damen creates so he and Ever can touch on the earth plane.

To remedy their loss of physical contact Damen with practice and inspiration form Summerland creates a veil of pulsating enegry the veil that Damen creates is only visible to him and Ever, it allows the couple to"almost touch" and thus eleveates some of angiush they have to endure.

"Nothing's going to keep me from you Ever. Nothing."~ Damen showing his disian for the curse.

Everlasting 4

Damen putting on Ever's amulet for her.


The Crystal Amulet Damen gives Ever so she is protected

In order to protect her form Roman Damen gives Ever a amulet made up of crystals. He explains that each amulet is different showing her his, he goes on to say that she must always wear it.

To somewhat escape the many complications of their life Damen and Ever skip school one day and he takes her to a art gallery.

While at the gallery Damen shows her a panting of her that was done during her past life in amsterdam.

He also shows her the name of the artist that panited it Bastiaan de Kool.

He goes on to explain that this Bastiaan de Kool, was a reincarnation of Jude Kinght. Damen further says to Ever that the two of them shared a love affair before they met, she is shocked by this news.

Damen contiunes by saying that through out her many past lives Jude and Ever shared many affairs, however she always chose Damen in her many reincarnations over Jude.

He says that given this recent and major revelation he is going to give her time to chose between him and Jude.

Ever is adamant that she needs to make no decision stating that Damen is the only one for her.

However Damen is insisient on giving her time to decide, however he says that he will still watch over and her contiune to love her, despite the sepration.

Ever finally relents and they strike a deal that they will be apart for the summer, this leaves her devesatated as she had hoped to spend an stress-free vacation with him.

At the end of Shadowland Ever is feeling extreme gulit about having to make Haven drink the elixir and is terrifed to reveal this revelation to her best friend.

"We'll get thorugh this you'll see." ~ Damen offering comforting words to Ever.

She is reassured by Damen's words but only slighlty.

Ever goes on to confess about her and Jude's time in the hot tub and she tells him about the tatoo she saw.

Damen explains that the Ouroboros symbol isn't meant to be evil, he goes on to say that Roman's tribe of Immortals have distorted it and that it is actually a ancient alcheimcal symbol siginfying creation out of destuction and eternal life. She again reassures Damen that nothing happened between her and Jude.

"It's always been you. Just you. No one but you."~ Ever assuring Damen that he is the only one for her.

She is very worried about all of her problems, Roman and how she can get the anitdote form him, the reappearnce of Ava, her lingering feelings for Jude and how Damen is now looking after the twins Romy and Rayne.

However she is deeply comforted in her newly reconciled relationship with Damen and the two passionatley kiss giving her further encouragement.

Dark FlameEdit

Ever is happy that she and Damen are together, however both are becoming increasingly frustrated over their inablity to break the curse that Roman has put on Damen.

In desperation she turns to dark magick in her attempt to break the curse. Ever does a spell which she hopes will make Roman reveal to her everything about the anitdote.

However the spell backfires and instead it binds her to Roman, she soon becomes obsessed with wanting to be near him.

Her obsession with her enemy causes extreme friction in her relationship with Damen.

One night Ever is so overcome with her desire for Roman she goes to his house disguised as Drina and nearly sleeps with him.

Knowing she has hit rock bottom Ever tries to seek help.

However this proves extremely difficult since the spell doesn't allow her to confide in Damen on the earth plane.

The only time Ever is remotely healthly is when she is in Summerland.

Because of her immersion in dark magick Ever's appearance changes dramatically.

She becomes gaunt and frail looking, her hair looses it's luster and fullness and her skin becomes acne riddled.

Also because of her dealings with the darker side of magick she is hardly able to manifest and her telepathy with Damen is virtuously nonsexist.

Ever begs Damen to travel to Summerland with her so she can explain her situation.

Damen however refuses he asks that they simply talk it out.

Ever balks and travels to Summerland without him.

This causes Damen extreme turmoil because of his inability to help Ever.

Eventually she is able to beat her addiction to dark magick and finds information that is able to help her.

Ever goes to an underwater cave and lights a candle along with insense.

She then does a ritual simlar to what she did for the binding spell but she says a diffrent incantation hoping that it will relive her of the spell she is under.

"I call upon Hecate, the queen of the underworld, magick,

and the darkest of moons,

Please unweave this spell, lossen this bind and extinguish

this dark flame tha looms

Oh, great patron of witches, beloved mother, madien, and crone,

This is my mote, my will, my might,

So let it be done!"

~ Ever speaking the unbinding incantation A fierce wind blows over her it destorys the underwater cave she in leaving Ever kneeling on the ground of the beach.

Once the wind rescinds Ever's appearance chances back to normal.

She is also able to manifest again and quickly manifests a new set of clothes.

The next day Ever get's back together with Damen which makes him estastic.

Ever's 17th birthday soon approaches and Damen has a surprise for her.

The pavilion that Damen creates for Ever in Summerland

He takes a unnecessarily blindfolded Ever to Summerland.

There he reveals his surprise; a white pavilion in a field of red tulips.

Ever is nearly brought to tears by the pavillon, she asks him how he created this.

Damen explains that it took him awhile through the process went rather quickly because of Summerland.

I think-- I think you're the most amazing person in the entire world and I think that I'm so incredibly lucky to know you -to love you- and I think that I'm so incredibly grateful that you didn't give up on me."

"I'd never give up on you." ~ Ever expressing her gratitude to Damen for always believing in her and Damen reiterating his faith in her.

Damen says that the pavilion is not only her birthday present it is also her anniversary gift.

Ever is confused she quickly calculates and comes to the conclusion that it hasn't even been a year since they got together (in this life anyway)

Damen clarifies that their 1st anniversary was August 8th 1608 in Paris.

He then takes her hand and leads her into the pavilion which is elegantly decorated with beautiful murals on the ceiling. There is a incredibly soft white couch and the couple sink into it. Ever notices a large screen, similar to the screens in the Akashic Records.

Damen takes a remote that is near a table in front of them.

He then reveals a second part of his surprise. He says that they are actually able to experience their past lives here.

Ever is uncertain but Damen gently whispers to her to believe, she does and the two are soon transported back to Paris circa 1608.

While in this past life Ever is thrilled to realize that they can actually touch each other again.

Is, it really possible, the we can be together, -now- here?~ Ever telepathically shares her exctiment about the ability to touch Damen again and the ideas that it brings.

I'm afraid this is merely a theater of the past. You can edit the script, but you're not allowed to a'd-lib it, or add experiences that never occurred.~ Damen telepathically explains that although the two may touch each other in their past lives they still aren't able to consummate their love.

This saddens Ever greatly but she accepts it and allows herself to share a much wanted intimate moment with Damen.

Having finally freed herself from the spell she had created Ever still finds herself without the antidote and tries the old fashioned way of asking.

However upon getting to Roman's house and within reach of gaining the antidote, Jude, the owner of the shop Ever had been working at, bursts in, willing to help Ever from what he believes is Roman hurting her.

However in the process the bottle of antidote gets destroyed and Roman is killed.

Ever is devastated, the one thing that was able to restore her and Damen's happiness, lies on the floor, gone. And the one person who knew how to make the new antidote is a pile of dust, mixing in with the liquid.

At the end of Dark Flame Ever opens her mind to Damen's and allows every single memory to flow into his mind. Including when she almost lost her virginity to Roman.

Afterward, Damen looks at her lovingly and says "There's nothing there that changed my mind about you. Not one single thing." Ever nods and finally understands that Damen's love for her is true and unconditional.

Damen says hopefully to Ever "Either way, we'll ride it out together. That's how it is with soulmates. That's just what they do."

Night StarEdit

Ever and Damen's relationship is going strong it is the last day of Summer Vacation and Damen is coaching Ever on how to defend herself and if necessary kill Haven should she find herself alone with her nemesis.

Everlasting 3

Ever and Damen travel to the pavilion

Growing weary of her training Ever easily convinces Damen to go to their sanctuary:The Pavillion.

When they get to the pavillion the couple instantly relax happy that they are in their special place and will soon be able to touch each other.

Tired of Damen always getting to "change the channels" of their past lives Ever playfully takes the remote form him. However in doing so she accidently stumbles upon a past life of hers in the Antebellum South, where she is being beaten as a slave.

Damen urges her to stop watching but Ever is so transfixed by the scene playing out in front of her and doesn't. The scene soon ends.

Shocked and horrifed Damen explains that since he created the pavillion he edits their past lives wanting only for them to experince happiness in the place he created for her he is deeply saddended that she had to see a past life of hers that was so cruel and bleak.

Ever is still upset by the slave life of hers she witnessed and finds it extrmely difficult to forget it compeletly.

Damen successfully changes the subject by suggesting that he and Ever merge with one of their more happier past lives.

Ever agrees however the haunting memory of her being beaten as a slave still lingers in the back of her mind.

Pushing the memory aside she gratefully takes him up on his idea and Ever and Damen happily merge with a much more romantic past life of theirs in London.

She let's her saddness go from watching her life as a slave and reslishes in being able to touch Damen.

On the first day back at school Ever and Damen are soon introduced to the new social order Haven has now become the most popular girl in the school because of her Immortal ability to hypnotize.

They are even more shocked to find out that the amulet that Ever gave her is gone Damen is deeply concered for her saftey but Ever is determined to graduate and not let Haven get to her.

She reassures Damen that she is fine, the couple telepathically "Instant Message" each other all day.

When she is alone in the girls bathroom Haven physically attacks Ever throwing her effortlessly against the tile wall. The force of the impact of Ever hitting the title bathroom wall causes some of the tile to fall off.

Ever is shocked at her rival's strength and speed.

Weakended by Haven's attack she slumps down to the floor.

Haven crouches down and pins her to the wall she contiunes to threathen her saying that she is coming after her. She also hints that Damen has been keeping a very large secret form her.

Ever tries to negoiate with Haven saying that there is no reason the two of them can't just co-exist.

Haven is unmoved Ever's pleas of a cease-fire. She mailicously taunts her again and leaves.

Curious as to what Haven meant about Damen keeping something form her Ever journey's to Summerland and the pavillion.

When she goes inside Ever is shocked when she catches Damen previewing and erasing one of her past lives.

She discovers that during her slave life, Damen had taken her away from her family, her friends, and Jude without giving her a choice.

Ever is competely heartbroken yelling at Damen on how he could still be keeping things from her, especially when she has been so open with him.

He tries to explian but Ever will hear none of it hurt and beytrated she swiftly breaks up with Damen.

Throughout the novel she tries to firgure out if Jude or Damen is the one she is meant to be with.

In the meantime, Damen reveals everything to Miles about the fact that they are immortals. Miles however decides to remain Ever's friend and refuses to ever drink the exlir because he doesn't want to become immortal.

Ever quickly realizes that Haven has become addicted to the exlir but also that Roman never passed down the recipe before he died and that the immortals he created are fighting among themselves over what remains.

She also realizes that the antidote can be recovered because it had stained Roman's shirt when he had been killed but Haven has the shirt.

During a battle between Haven, Jude, and Ever, Haven kills Ever by punching her weakest chakra.

Ever is quickly cast into the Shadowland.

While in the darkness of the Shadowland Ever witnesses all of her past mistakes.

She also is able to see how Damen felt during the many times she doubted her feelings for him.

Ever is able to see through each time they sepreated in the recent past Damen's love for her never once wavered. She realizes that Damen is the only person she is meant to be with.

"Damen is the One.

Always has been

Always will be." ~Ever realizing Damen is the only one for her.

After her profound epiphany she overcomes her weakest chakra, allowing her to come back to life.

As soon as she comes back form the Shadowland Ever thinks thaat she is dead.

However Damen assures she isn't by kissng her.

Ever then kisses Damen passionately happily reuniting with him on the earth plane and transfereing the memories she saw in the Shadowland to him.

Having made peace with Damen, Ever decides to attack Haven.

She stages a coup at school, causing Haven to loose her power she had over the student body, before trying to prevent Haven from stealing her supply of exlir.

Haven then realizes the importance of the shirt and decides to destroy it.

In Roman's house, Jude tries to steal the shirt for Ever but gets caught by Haven who tries to force Ever to choose between the shirt or Jude.

She refuses to choose but is later forced to kill Haven when Haven tries to kill Miles.

The shirt is destroyed in the process but Jude and Miles are saved.

After she kills Haven, she and Damen travel to Summerland, they have an “funeral” for Haven where Ever buries her clothes in a small field.

When they have finished Ever and Damen quickly run into Jude, Romy, Rayne and Ava.

It is here that she and Jude finally acknowledge that there is nothing between them.

Soon after Ever deals with her relationship with Jude, she and Damen to go the pavillion to spend time together. When they leave the pavillion she and Damen travel to the “dark” part of Summerland.

Ever and Damen then realize that something is rotting in Summerland they don't know why, only that it's coming after Ever.

At the end of Night Star, she firmly renews her relationship with Damen, making both of them extremely happy and further strengthing their love.

"I'm fully committed to you.To us. I think you know that by now." ~ Ever expressing her renewed faith in their relationship to Damen


Being an Immortal for centruires Damen is very powerful and has all but mastered his abilites. He has enchanced speed and beauty and never gets ill.


The red elixir Damen and Ever must drink to sustain their Immortality.

In order to keep his Immortaility Damen makes a red exlir for Ever as well as for himself.

Damen amazed by Ever's fast progress while teaching her.

Damen is constantly teaching Ever how to control and manage her new Immortal abilites.

He can manifest anything and can send telepathic images to anyone he desires. Damen can also read minds and is able to create a portal to the mystical place between dimesions Summerland. He enjoys driving very fast. Damen uses a type of psychic radar that he gained when becoming an Immortal which makes driving incrediably easy and exciting for him. He uses it almost everytime he drives.

"Damen drives fast. Insanely fast. I mean just because we have advanced psychic radar which comes in handy for zoning in on cops, opposing traffic. pedestrians , stray animals and anything else that might get in our way that doesn't mean we should abuse it." ~ Ever explaining her dislike of Damen's fast driving

As well as his psychic gifts Damen is extremely graceful.

"Every move he made was so graceful, so perfect." ~Ever describes his way of moving

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