The Immortals Series Wiki
Blue Moon
Author Alyson Noel
Publication date July 7, 2009
Published by St. Martin's Press
Preceded by Evermore
Followed by Shadowland (novel)

Blue Moon is the second novel in the Immortals series by Alyson Noel.


As Ever's powers grow, Damen's are waning. On a quest to save her true love, Ever will do anything. Ever travels to the mystic dimension of Summerland and finds out about Damen's past-the brutal life he wanted to keep hidden and an ancient text revealing the works of time. With the blue moon holding the key of her traveling, Ever is forced to choose between saving her family(her past), or Damen (her future).


Following from the plot of Evermore, Damen has been teaching Ever how to control her psychic powers. With the death of Drina, there is no imminent danger to them or their romantic relationship. Ever, having started consuming the elixir, has no need to eat. This worries Sabine, who believes Ever may have an eating disorder.

Ever and Damen's peaceful life is interrupted by new student Roman, a handsome British teen who has managed to charm the whole school, with the exception of Ever.

After Miles' production, Ever plans to have sex with Damen for the first time. They are both anxious - every time they have gotten this far, Drina has killed Ever.

After the production ends, Damen disappears. Roman tells Ever that he drove off without her, but Ever is sceptical. Roman follows Ever in his car, flirting with her and offering her a ride home, which she declines. Damen does not show up at the hotel he and Ever had organised to stay at, nor is he at his beach hideout.

When Ever returns to school on Monday, she discovers that the social order has been disrupted. The popular kids are mingling freely with Ever's outcast friends; jock, nerd, cheerleader and emo alike are sitting at one table. Damen appears at school, but, to Ever's horror, he believes her to be an obsessed stalker ex-girlfriend, with no memory of Ever's past lives, nor his immortality. The only person not affected by this change is Roman. Ever checks his wrist for an ouroboros tattoo like Drina's, but finds it bare.

With Damen and her friends rejecting Ever, she is forced to turn to Ava for help. Ever is shocked when she learns that Ava knows of Summerland - though not of her existence as an immortal.