An immortal has abilities beyond human. Sometimes humans like Ever or Jude reincarnate.

Damen amazed by Ever's fast progress.

Varied AbilitiesEdit

Powers vary upon the immortal and personality.

Name Ability Examples
Ever Bloom
Aura Seeing
Ever's most unique ability is to see peoples aura. She claims each color represents a diffrent personality.

In Evermore, Ever asks her nurse after the car accident,"Why are you so pink?"

Damen Auguste
Immortal juice maker
Damen is one of the few immortals alive able to create the immortal juice.

In Evermore, Damen explains to Ever about the juice.

Jude is one of the few humans able to reincarnate.

In Night Star, Jude is later revealed to be the reincarnation of Bastiaan de Kool, who was Ever's lover during her life in Amsterdam. He is aware that he is part of Ever's love triangle and feels the heartbreak in his dreams.

Average AbilitiesEdit

An immortals powers can vary. Note:Some immortals abilities are revealed to be stronger than the average based on how well they do in the beginning of the immortal life.

Name Ability Examples
Drina Auguste
Drina's ability is immortality but it killed when Ever hits her weakest chakra(the only way to kill an immortal).

In Evermore, Drina confesses she killed Ever's parents and is soon killed by Ever.

Ever Bloom
One of Ever's abilities is to be physic.

in Evermore, Ever is able to see her teacher's family problems just by touching his hand.

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